Couples Therapy

The spark is gone.

Things weren’t always this way. In fact, once upon a time, you would have said you married your best friend.

Your marriage used to be full of love and care for each other. It felt like it was the two of you against the world.

You miss those days and want so badly to return to how things used to be.

Same argument, different day.

Recently it feels like you guys are having the same fights over and over.

“You never talk to me about how you’re feeling.” “You always just assume the worst.” “I wish you would help me out once in a while.”

Resentment, loneliness, irritation, and sadness have all taken root in your relationship.

Intimacy has disappeared.

There was a time when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. You felt passion and fire and looked forward to being alone together.

These days, the closest thing to intimacy you get is the quick peck on the lips you give each other in the mornings before running out the door.

You want to be intimate, but it just turns into another losing argument for you both.

1860383614You’re not ready to give up.

Things sometimes feel bleak, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to throw in the towel just yet.

It’s hard to describe how much you would like to fall back in love with your spouse.

When you got married, you believed this was a forever type of love, and you want to see that through.

573172159Let’s find that spark again!

Conflict is inevitable. You’ll never see eye to eye 100% of the time. But what if I said I could teach you how to argue well?

That’s right! You’ll still argue, but you’ll have the right tools to handle conflict constructively.

Together, I can help you and your spouse rebuild the foundation of your relationship, create shared meaning, practice healthy conflict management, and learn better ways of communicating and supporting each other.

You deserve the relationship of your dreams.

Reach out now to see how couples therapy can help you!

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