Premarital Counseling

1719120400And so… the adventure begins!

You’ve found your person, and you’re completing wedding tasks left and right. You’ve picked the venue and know what food will be served on your big day.

But there is still one thing looming on your to-do list…

Premarital counseling!

You’ve put it off because…

You’re not sure what to expect. There’s a part of you that’s intrigued, but you’re also a little nervous.

You’re probably wondering how deep you’ll have to go in premarital counseling.

Will you be expected to talk about finances, sex, or that family drama you’ve been avoiding like the plague?

1091333234Let’s save your marriage before it starts (SYMBIS).

This isn’t your average premarital counseling experience. As a certified SYMBIS facilitator, I love to partner with couples like you.

Even if your relationship is smooth and steady for the most part, an assessment will give me insight into your strengths as a couple (and we’ll celebrate those). The results will also help me understand what areas of your relationship could be improved.

Don’t worry! This is not something that you can pass or fail.

The goal is to address what seems like “minor issues” so they don’t become major ones down the road.

Create the best… marriage… ever!

Preparing for a strong and passionate marriage is one of the most important things you’ll ever do.

The conversations you’ll have in premarital counseling will help pave the way.

Once you’re ready, you and your partner will receive a link to log in and take the assessment. It’s that easy!

If you have questions or would like to get started, call today for your free consultation: (614) 859-2419.